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We can see that you have taken an interest in joining the world of forex trading! Whether you’re in for making a passive income or just for a bit of gratification, you should certainly consider reading and studying educational forex material.

There is endless information and data for you to read, study and engage in. The team at Uncle Bull FX provides forex educational content with different levels; beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Furthermore, Uncle Bull FX provides frequent free live analysis of charts and economic news for educational purposes, on its social media pages. Uncle Bull FX aims to convert inexperienced forex traders into profitable traders.

We have a partnership with our audience, we need your insights and feedback to keep us all sailing through the sea successfully. Otherwise the “ship” sinks from our partnership. Thus, our telegram group community is a fantastic place for you to debate charts, analysis, news, learn from others and to have the opportunity to be in constant contact with us.

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The Uncle Bull FX Project (Coming Soon)

This project is a series that showcases how the Uncle Bull FX team deposits a 1,000 USD into a trading account and showcases live action of increasing it. This a way for you to witness how our team scans, studies, analyzes, and takes actions on FX pairs to increase its original deposit. We have chosen to enter with a 1000 USD, as we see it as a reasonable number where our audience can relate.