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What to Expect?

Live Trading Sessions

Uncle Bull Group will provide LIVE European trading sessions for students to trade the FX market live with the our professional traders. These sessions will include a complete breakdown of the pairs being traded from a market structure, fundamental, and psychological bias. Furthermore, full trade setups with Stop Loss and Take Profit price points. Screen sharing and voice chat features are also available for members to trade the North American or Asian market sessions together.

Unmatched Trading Education

The trading education content is specifically created to teach students trading strategies that have been already proven to work instead of going through the thousands of online methods.

Personally written by our founders; Subhi Saadi and Yousef El Basha. Filtered trading education that cuts all the noise and over-complicated trading tools and methods. Full in-depth guides on market structure, volume, liquidity, psychology, and specialized technical trading methods that Uncle Bull Group has developed. Simply put, what we teach is what we use.


Our market analysts have over 15 years of combined trading experience. They have navigated various market conditions over the years, making them the perfect team to take on the current market. Their strategies and systems have been tested and proven to be profitable to the public, as they provided a year of free setups to the public daily. This was done on Uncle Bull Group’s free telegram channel. Their knowledge and insights enable them to adjust and adapt to the conditions as they change. Students will have access to their mentors throughout the week. Mentors will review each trader's progress by asking them to submit a trading journal provided by Uncle Bull Group monthly.

Learn from industry leaders

Uncle Bull Group will provide interviews with industry leaders for students to learn from successful traders and open their minds to new market approaches. This will be done under the Uncle Bull Group Podcast Series. Industry leaders will vary from hedge fund managers, crypto experts, political figures, day traders, fundamental experts, etc.


Uncle Bull Group specializes in helping students find the most effective and profitable trading system to the student’s trading style. This system is called “The UBG System,” It provides the student with a set of rules and modifications to their trading methods that aid in increasing profitability at the most efficient and least risky route. This system has proven to enormously decrease emotional trading as well as profit maximization. This system is created by professional traders Yousef El Basha and Subhi Saadi, who have over 15 years in the FX industry.

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Uncle Bull was founded by two traders: Subhi and Yousef. We have been giving FREE trades since 2018, with a 80%+ profitability rate.
You can read more about Uncle Bull Group from the About page.

You can look at our results for the past year(s). You can do so by viewing our Instagram page. Alternatively, you can join our FREE Telegram channel (1,400+ members) where we provide weekly analysis, and you can ask the community.

No, we don’t provide automatic copy-trading. We provide analysis and execution ideas. 

Yes. Once you are in the premium channel, you can ask for analysis on any relevant pair.

We believe that trading can change lives, but ONLY if approached correctly; let us help you!


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