Learn and Earn

This Includes:

Weekly Market Analysis Webinar

Every Sunday prior to market open, the admins of UBG host a webinar session where they discuss the latest fundamental topics, and it's influence on the FX market. Furthermore, full technical price action breakdowns are presented across the currencies and commodities market.

Monthly Progress Review and Feedback

The process:

Defining what level the student is at in terms of experience and knowledge while understanding the current issues they are facing in trading.

Appointing a mentor for the student according to his time zone and trading style.

Setting up a one-on-one session to set a plan and the basis of the student’s trading system.

The student will send their journal to their mentor for an in-depth review of the monthly progress and performance. The student shall receive feedback from their mentor with comments on analysis, execution, management, systematic developments, and behavioral patterns.

The student will then apply this feedback to the upcoming month.

Trading Signals to Earn While Learning

Real Time Execution Alert; Instrument, Price Entry, Take Profit Price, Stop Loss Price

–Fundamental Analysis –

Access to full fundamental analysis relevant to major currencies and commodities.
This includes but is not limited to economic data, central bank statement summaries,
press conference summaries, and real-time news feed alerts.

– Additional Value –


Frequently asked questions

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