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Having a trading plan is one of the most essential tools to a trader. It allows you to set your trading goals, manage your risk, plan out upcoming weeks, and it aids in changing your psychology and approach to a more objective nature. This will allow you to have a better trading discipline and leaves room for you to improve and reassess your trades and strategies.

Uncle Bull FX offers a customized trading plan for you. Written by trading analysts with combined experience of over 10 years in the foreign exchange market. Use this trading plan as your guideline in trading to assist you in reaching your goals.

The trading plan is a sheet that is made customized to your MT4 balance, that organizes and shows what you should do in terms or risk, targets, & loss for the next 100 trades in a compounded manner.

This will allow you to know exactly how much to risk per every single trade that you will take, and how it should differ on the next one. While keeping your risk at a minimum, but making the most profit due to the compounding effect.

It is your plan, is it not a technical strategy of analyzing the market. It’s a strategy of account growth. It’ll show you how you can effectively and efficiently grow your account to six figures…


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